We manage the full lifecycle of furniture services, from concept to disposal.


We are generally brought into projects at an early stage, appointed as part of the professional team. This means we can ask all the right questions to fully understand the client’s needs, and advise from the outset on issues such as budget planning, feasibility studies, furniture auditing, space planning, benchmarking, design and aesthetics.

Reuse, resale and recycle

Our clients care about the sustainable and ethical disposal of furniture that is no longer required. At Operandum we offer a full disposal service. We can manage the commercial resale of existing furniture, or arrange for furniture, fittings, equipment and other office contents to be recycled or disposed of sustainably, to certified environmental standards.


Our procurement process is completely impartial, with no preferred suppliers or restrictive contracts. Instead we have full, unrestricted access to the widest range of suppliers and products available.

We put all shortlisted products through their paces, benchmarking products and suppliers against weighted criteria and managing showroom tours, trials and mock-ups to review fabrics, finishes and other specification choices.

Thanks to our unrivalled purchasing power we always expect to achieve substantial savings over the traditional routes of tendering. We also negotiate a set of firm contractual terms and guarantees for both the project and the future supply requirements to ensure all the appropriate performance conditions are contractually binding, and with relevant and fair penalties.

Delivery and installation

Most furniture dealers pay too little attention to delivery and installation.

At Operandum we are the opposite. Our well-established processes guarantee that the project is installed on time. We manage and co-ordinate the order processing, production tracking, warehousing, delivery, installation, and snagging to achieve final sign off and handover.

We have managed well in excess of 100 separate purchase orders on a single project, covering 20,000 individual items, and still handed over on time.


We manage all project finance and administration, providing a single point of contact to make all supplier payments.

We also provide any training required on the use of the new products, and we’ll produce an Operations and Maintenance Manual to help clients get the most from their furniture investment.

For each project we provide a completion report including a full analysis of the overall furniture spend, the savings we will have delivered, and the time we have spent on each stage. We commit to save our clients at least the value of our fees, when compared with dealer prices.


The level of post-project support is completely led by the client. We can either hand over the ongoing maintenance of furniture, or agree a follow-on post project contract. Most clients retain us as the single point of contact for the future supply of future requirements, providing services such as managing churn and related procurement and dealing with issues such as warranty management.

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