Operandum brings together specialist knowledge, expertise and choice with a transparent, impartial and accountable procurement process.

Traditionally, furniture has been procured via two routes: either an architect/design firm specifies products which dealers then source; or furniture forms part of the overall design and build contract. However, there are drawbacks to both of these approaches.

A fee-based consultancy is a third route which combines the best of both options.

Consultancy: the advantages



We are appointed to the professional project team so that clients and architects can benefit from our expertise from the outset.



Unlike the dealer model, our open book supplier contracts ensure complete transparency with no hidden margins and full client accountability.



We take responsibility for minimizing risk, with suppliers fully accountable via our strict contractual performance guarantees.



We use our rigorous tender processes and significant procurement power to deliver high savings for our clients.



Unlike many dealers and D&B firms we are completely impartial with no favoured suppliers or restrictive contracts.


Market knowledge

Our knowledge of the furniture market is unrivalled. We offer a wider range of product choice than either dealerships or D&B firms.


Post-project support

The level of post-project support is led by the client, who has the option of retaining our consultancy services, or using our full handover service.

Managing risk

We manage risk at every stage of every project.

Operandum’s procurement model gives our clients greater security and transparency than traditional dealerships, or buying direct from manufacturers.

Our suppliers sign up to ongoing contractual performance guarantees, which include penalties for late delivery, snagging deadlines, continuity of pricing and product guarantees.

We open a separate bank account for every client to ensure that the project funds are securely ring-fenced and so that clients can request statements of funds at any time.


Multiple Direct Contracts

Contracting directly with manufacturers means project teams face the operational and administrative impact of filtering and managing multiple contract packages.


The Dealer/Broker Route

Choosing a traditional “buy and sell” transaction through a dealer does not provide any direct performance obligations from the factories, nor any financial security or transparency that monies deposited with the dealer have been used for anything other than to boost their cash flow.


The Operandum Route

Operandum combine the benefits of both routes, managing the contractual process to provide supplier performance guarantees and complete financial security, all delivered through a single point of contact.

Value for Money

We can always match or beat the savings made through a traditional furniture dealership. What’s more, all of the savings we make are passed on to our clients.

Our purchasing power is unrivalled in the industry, thanks to our ‘Educated Buying’ – a series of purchasing practices which remove as many duplicated costs, hidden margins and unnecessary distribution channels as possible from the procurement process.

We will always save more than the cost of our fees, meaning our clients benefit from our services at net zero cost.


Our Client Commitment

We provide a unique and comprehensive set of commitments to assure clients that their furniture needs will be managed efficiently and effectively.

With our robust contractual arrangements we commit to be:

  • On budget: we will source, procure and deliver suitable products within your agreed budget.
  • Transparent: there are no hidden margins and we will not receive rebates or preferential rates on subsequent projects.
  • Safe custodians: we will keep your money safe, with separate, ring-fenced accounts for every project we work on.
  • Great value: we will save you at least the value of our fees when compared with dealer prices.

No other furniture organisation is confident enough in their expertise and commerciality to provide such a comprehensive set of guarantees.

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